Bring Cash

Many vendors accept credit cards at the market, and many (especially the Amish vendors) don’t. Make sure you bring cash with you so you’re able to purchase whatever calls to you while shopping.

Ask questions

Growers Market vendors expect their customers to ask questions.  Don’t be shy!  If you want to know how to cook a certain vegetable or kind of meat, just ask.  If you want to know if a certain fruit has been sprayed with anything or was grown organically, just ask.  If you want to know what ingredients are in the baked goods, or the salsa, or the gourmet sausage, just ask!  Our farmers and vendors love to talk about what they do and will be happy to fill you in about whatever you’d like to know.

Ask for samples

Many of our vendors offer free samples of the foods they sell.  Tasting things is part of the market experience!  Even if you don’t buy something you’ve tasted, you have an idea of something you might want to buy in the future.

Bring your own bags

All of our farmers and vendors have bags to give you with your purchases, but they will be just as happy if you bring your own!  The less plastic we use, the better it is for our planet and then when you get home from the market you’ve got nothing to recycle or throw away.

Stop back weekly

 The fruits and vegetables our farmers bring to market changes every few weeks throughout the season from May to November.  So while you can buy asparagus, strawberries, peas and spinach in early June, you can buy blueberries, cucumbers, early tomatoes, and corn in July.  The produce is always changing so it’s worth it to keep coming back and see what’s new!

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