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April 9th, 2011 by Carin in Latest News

Local Cut Flowers!

Some things in life are meant to be kept a secret and others are meant to be shouted from the rooftop for all to hear. Rosazza’s Greenhouses in Avondale, PA definitely falls into the second category. A family-run cut flower and bedding plant business, they are now well into their fourth generation of Rosazza’s to be growing plants and flowers in this spot. Located, literally, in downtown Avondale, (2 blocks off of Route 41 down 4th street), they are amazingly close for many of us living in southern Chester County and northern New Castle County and I highly recommend stopping by.

Taking a walk through Rosazza’s Greenhouses is to get a window on a world most of us never see. Five foot tall snapdragons greet you when you open the door and their candy scented sweetness fills your nostrils. Everywhere you look as you walk toward the back, you are greeted by floral sights and smells. Sweet peas climb toward the ceiling along one wall and the lush foliage of calla lilies grow in their shade. Depending on the time of year there may be purple irises growing up from the raised beds, or the papery petals of jewel toned anemones, or any number of the other dozen-plus varieties that they grow.

Rosazza’s is a year-round business and some of my favorite flowers that they grow can only be had in the winter. Freesia and Stock are at the top of my list. Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with either variety until I started buying flowers there a few years ago. Exquisite to look at, the two varieties are very different in size and shape from one another. What they have in common however, is that they are both very fragrant. Freesia has a light, “spring-like” scent and Stock is spicy-sweet, and aromatic. I can’t get enough of either one and am often known to “gift” these flowers to friends and family members with birthdays in February and March.

Along with the cut flower side of the business, Rosazza’s also starts thousands of bedding plants each year, as well as potted flowers and bulbs for Easter, mums for the fall, and poinsettia’s for Christmas. They are one-stop shopping for your flower needs, no matter the season or time of year.

So the next time you need a flower arrangement or a bouquet for a birthday or anniversary, give Rosazza’s Greenhouses a call or stop by. Once you experience the quality and beauty of what they grow, like me, you may never think of buying flowers in a grocery store ever again.

Rosazza’s Greenhouses will be selling their beautiful cut flowers at the New Garden Growers Market every Saturday from early June through the fall. Their greenhouses are open for retail sales 7 days a week in downtown Avondale. Heading toward Lancaster, turn right on 4th Street and go 2 blocks to the greenhouses. They will be right in front of you.

Phone - 610-268-0610

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  1. Harley Mctee says:

    I value the article post. Cool.

  2. Carin says:

    Thanks for your comments! Unfortunately, the only other websites that I am familiar with that cover local foods and farming are sites like “Buy Local PA” and “Local Harvest.” I am so busy actually farming/gardening/managing a farmers market and being a Mom that I don’t ever have time to read other people’s websites! PASA, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture is also a great organization for these issues and they have a website as well. Good luck! Carin

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